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"We are so thankful to have the best education, experience, teachers/staff, building for our first-year preschooler. How lucky are we to have top notch services for our 3-year-old! Troy does such a great job maximizing potential for all its students all the way from preschool to high school. They truly value all ages. I’m so thankful that my preschooler LOVES “class” and is eager to attend daily. It is a blessing for my mommy heart. Thanks Troy SD!"

- Wendy B.

child photo 1
"My name is Shelby and we had our first experience with TSD preschool this year. Our child has a late birthday, so they were enrolled into the pre k program. We were very nervous as he never had any school experience before. Day 1 he was welcomed and overjoyed. He has shown so much growth in just a few months and we can’t thank the school, but especially his teachers enough. Not only academically has he grown, but his self-confidence has skyrocketed too. We have been so incredibly thankful for his teachers this year and have had nothing but amazing experiences. "

- Shelby S.

"The Troy preschool staff and support staff have been wonderful throughout my daughters preschool experience. The learning and structure provided in the tuition preschool program AND the free pre-k program have BOTH been top notch. My child has grown and thrived during her two years of attendance at the school in both programs. With the guidance and care from her teachers she has gained self esteem, creative thinking, and now loves an organized daily schedule. The facility offers so many educational opportunities for her and she is truly thriving. My daughter loves the new library book program that was rolled out this year.  It has brought us a wide variety of new and exciting books, created her a sense of responsibility and has created a cool opportunity to learn about new cultures with some of the books she’s selected.  We’ve all really enjoyed them coming home every week. "

- Anna N.

"We LOVE Troy Preschool! I wish we would have sent our son there when it first opened.  The staff, the teachers and the families are kind, supportive and fun.  My son is in the Pre-K program and he is thriving.  In the beginning of the year, he was nervous, sad and emotional about leaving us (especially, me, the mom) and now he runs to the door and I barely get a bye! The teachers are very quick to respond to any email or question I have and feel like part of our family.  My son has very BIG emotions and his teachers and I are working together to help best support him with those BIG emotions to make them manageable for him and everyone around him :D The administrative staff is so friendly and make an effort to get to know each of the students and us parents.  I really could go on and on but I will end with saying it was the best decision for our son to come to Troy Preschool and wait on going to kindergarten. We are forever grateful to have the opportunity to give him a bonus year as a child before sending him off to Kindergarten.  Thank you for all that you guys do!!"

- Christa C.

toddlers_playing_with _teacher_in_classroom
"This is our 4th year having a child at TSD Preschool. We have loved every teacher our kids have had, and I am amazed each day by all the activities they get to do at school. It’s great having access to the Seesaw App so we can see pictures throughout the day and ask our kids about it when they get home. We also love the playground, and even go up there to play on weekends. Overall, I’m glad we chose this school for our kids' early development and education and will be sad at the end of the year when it’s time to say good-bye, as my kids will be in elementary school."

- Sam B.

"I can’t think of a better district/preschool for my kids. My boys have had the best experience with Troy preschool, so much so they can’t wait to go to school daily even when it’s the weekend.  The teachers especially Ms.Steph and many others have made such a drastic impact on my boys' daily routine, their behavior and their exposure to so many different experiences. The teachers' hands on approach is amazing and has been noticed not only by myself but even many others that I talk too. The facility is beyond beautiful and functional! We’re so thankful to have such a great district, teachers that are so willing and a great community."

- Courtney V.

"Growing up in the Troy School District always felt like such a privilege. So when my daughter was 3 and I heard about the new TSD preschool, I knew I wanted to send her. I was immediately impressed with all of the teachers and staff, the facilities are amazing, and my daughter is thriving in the pre-k program. I can’t say enough good things about her teacher, Miss. Wezeman. Her kindness and understanding is unmatched, and her patience for these kids is something I’ve never seen before. My daughter loves school and is learning so much. I can’t imagine a better start before sending her to kindergarten!"

- Shelby M.